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V Check Machine


Our new Vcheck Machine is a multi-parametric system that provides us with rapid, accurate and reliable results for quantitative and semi-quantitative tests.

This machine allows us to diagnose and have answers within minutes .

* Canine Pancreas-specific Lipase

* Feline Pancreas-specific Lipase

*T4 Thyroxine

*cTSH - Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone

* Canine Progesterone

* Antigen test

*Antibody Titer Test



We can now offer In house progesterone testing for you breeders . We have a brand new machine that allows us to run the test and have results to you with in the hour. This make it much easier to  determine the correct time to breed.

Pre-Surgical Awareness

The well-being of your pet is very important when undergoing anesthesia for any procedure. Anesthetics used during your pets operation are extremely safe and a healthy pet undertakes minimal risk during anesthesia, however, it is important to remember that all anesthetic procedures do carry some degree of risk, although our veterinary staff do their very best at reducing the risk. We use state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and the safest anesthetics available. We also offer pre-anasthetic blood testing, which is run in-house and provides us with the results within 10minutes, allowing us to have a complete physiological picture of your pets heath status.

Benefits of pre-surgical testing

- Establish healthy baseline values

- Identify unseen diseases

- Determination of the safety of drugs used for pre-medication and post-surgical medication

-Provides surgical peace of mind

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